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"For me, art and design are synonymous. My art is reflected in my design and my design becomes art."

emDesign is a residential and hospitality design studio founded by Emily Mok. Charged with passion and an understated sense of style, Emily encompasses over 20 years of experience, after obtaining her interior and architectural qualifications in the UK, she then honed her art with residential and hospitality projects in Asia and Europe. Her portfolio includes the revamp of the JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong, The Mandarin Oriental Shenzhen, the residential apartments in the Peninsula Hotel - London etc and private spas as well as high-end residentials all over the city. Equipped with a strong expertise in spatial planning, emDesign’s work is bold and timeless, elegant yet fluid and embodies strong textural elements. 


Emily’s background also extends to fine art, particularly in oil and water colour paintings, and this ‘fine art vibe’ can often be felt throughout her interiors. She states, “I love encountering each new space and often can’t wait to mould it into a desirable volume with layers, shades and tones. My client’s smiling faces are what continue to drive me in what I do.” Emily is also 100% involved in each project, from conception to execution, and often even after her clients have moved into their new space. “My goal is to deliver my work with 100% devotion, go 100% in what I do, and touch others through my design and commitment.” 


To place art as the focus on each interior space we are tasked with and ultimately bring elegance, refinement and soul to luxury residences and projects. 

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